Emily Huskinson ‘12

President & Founder



Emily Huskinson Heath ‘12 started the company after receiving her Aggie ring in 2011. The inspiration behind her idea originated while attending her brother’s Aggie Ring Day ceremony in 2006. She wanted to add a unique flair to her ring, so she approached Lyles-DeGrazier Jewelry Co. out of Dallas, Texas to custom make a set of diamond encrusted bands to fit around her ring.

Scott Polk ‘84, Aggie football letterman and President of Lyles-DeGrazier, learned of her idea and suggested that it had enormous potential. Initially, Emily was hesitant to the idea of turning this into a business, simply because she wanted to be the only girl with this dazzling addition. Trusting her “go for it— all or nothing” intuition, Emily began laying the foundation for her company. She filed three US Patents for her RingWraps designs, all of which are now approved.

RingWraps is proud to offer superior and uncompromised fine jewelry that meet and exceed their clients’ standards of perfection. From RW’s official unveiling, the idea has caught on like wildfire as more and more people “Embrace the Tradition” through RingWraps. The company has customized Wraps for over 60 different college rings, and has helped raise over $500,000 for student scholarships and non-profit community organizations through the company’s donations.