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Founding Year: 1856

Mascot: Aubie the Tiger

Colors: Blue and Orange

Auburn University began humbly as East Alabama Male College, a private liberal arts institution that was chartered in 1856 and was launched in 1859.

Due to the Civil War, the college was closed from 1861 to 1866. They were affiliated to the Methodist Church before the war but because of financial difficulties, the legal control for the college was transferred from the church to the state in 1972. Thus, they became the first land-grant college in the South to be founded separate from the state university. With this transition came a change of identity, so the school was renamed to Agricultural and Mechanical College of Alabama.

Since the land-grant status of the college allowed them to receive the benefits of the Morrill Acts of 1862 and 1890, the institute’s mission were now directed to teach agriculture, military tactics, and the mechanical arts as well as classical studies so that liberal and practical education can be provided even to the members of the working classes.

The college started enrolling women in 1982, making Auburn the second oldest four-year coeducational school in the Southeast and the oldest in Alabama. In 1899, the college’s name was to the Alabama Polytechnic Institute and finally, in 1960, they officially acquired the name Auburn University.

These are the four official names of the University throughout the years.
• East Alabama Male College (1856-72)
• Agricultural and Mechanical College (1872-99)
• Alabama Polytechnic Institute (1899-1960)
• Auburn University (1960-present)

Today, Auburn University is one of the few institutions that hold the distinction of being a comprehensive land, sea and space grant establishment. It spans to more than 1,840 acres and helps nearly 30,000 students realize their dreams.


The Auburn University Official Ring calls to mind special memories of the traditions and images of AU: Toomer’s Corner, Samford Hall, football games, and the Auburn Family. The Official Ring is a symbolic, unceasing link with fellow classmates, alumni, and university experiences.

The official AU ring is available only for students who have achieved junior year with at least 75 credit hours in good status. Sponsored by Auburn University and the Student Government Association, the ring will remain the same — a concrete connection to the past, present, and future.

The Auburn University college ring is the only item that graduates can wear that makes the same statement as the diploma, a daily symbol of a student’s membership and achievement in the Auburn Family.


After the Fall and Spring semesters, students who have finished over 75 hours have the chance to be a part of a long-standing tradition that is exclusive to Auburn. At Ring Night, the class rings are left on the Auburn seal from 1856, or 6:56 pm, until the current graduation year. This signifies the rings absorbing all of Auburn’s history from founding to present. This also means that the rings are put under the seal’s curse.

A couple of days later during the Ring Ceremony, the student dips their ring in water from the fountain of the President which takes away the curse, but retains the Auburn spirit behind to live on in the ring and in the heart of its wearer forevermore. Ring owners finish off the traditional ceremony by placing the cleansed ring on their finger with the words “Auburn University” facing inward. After graduation, the new alumni show the world that they are a proud official member of the Auburn family by turning the ring.

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Aubie the Tiger

Aubie, the costumed tiger mascot of Auburn, is the living spirit of the University. His popularity, striking good looks, personal appeal, and daring antics has made him beloved by every Auburn fan.

Aubie is one of the most animated mascots in the country and is considered as spirit leader and goodwill ambassador for Auburn University.

War Eagle

When the War Eagle is being shouted by members of the Auburn family, it becomes more than a statement. It’s a greeting and a battle cry, a cherished tradition that strikes a chord with all those who understand its meaning.


If you want to experience a unique and powerful experience at Auburn, you should go during football gameday. It rivals any university in the nation and includes some of the most storied traditions enjoyed on fall Saturdays like the Tiger Walk and the pre-game eagle flight. Also part of the football gameday are traditons like the Auburn marching band and spirit squads, and the ever-popular rolling of the Auburn Oaks at Toomer’s Corner to celebrate hard-fought victories.


The Auburn football team plays a scrimmage game — the A-Day game at Jordan-Hare Stadium each spring. It give Auburn fans a chance to watch the Tigers before the fall.

Foy ODK Trophy

On July 13, 1948, the two Circles of Omicron Delta Kappa from the University of Alabama and Auburn University joined together to sponsor a trophy that promotes sportsmanship between the two universities. This trophy symbolizes the great relationship between the two universities.

Hey Day

On Jan. 29, 1985, Auburn reinstated a yearly tradition of the 1950s and 1960s called “Hey Day,” on which all students wear name tags and say “hey” to everyone they pass. Leaders on campus join forces to prove the Auburn has the friendliest campus by passing out name tags to everyone.

Auburn University Class Rings

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