The University of Houston Class Ring

Founding Year: 1927
Mascot: Shasta - Cougar
Colors: Scarlet Red & Albino White

The University of Houston was founded in 1927 and has evolved into a prestigious Tier-One Research Institute in the heart of Downtown Houston. Under the leadership of President & Chancellor Renu Khator, the University has expanded rapidly over the last decade, and prides itself on leading in research and diversity.

Over time the university grew and in 1934, officially the University of Houston. In 1939, the first campus building opened, and in 1963, the university was established as a state institution, ushering in the period of huge growth. Today the University of Houston is the third-largest university in Texas with a massive 660 acre campus and over 45,000 students. major public research and teaching institution, serving more than 39,800 students annually with nearly 300 undergraduate and graduate programs.

University of Houston offers degrees in almost 300 fields of study through it's 14 academic colleges that include but are not limited to - professional degrees in architecture, law, optometry, business and pharmacy. The university's research departments also hold high renown, spending nearly $150 million per year in research out of the various labs, research centers and institutes.


The interlocking University of Houston logo adorns the top of the official class ring. The right shank presents the University seal — a variation of Sam Houston’s coat of arms — that features flanked martlets, two greyhounds, and a winged hourglass with the motto “In Time” or ‘In Tempore’ (latin) above it.

The wearer’s graduation year is also featured on this side. The left shank bears the wearer’s degree, a facade of the Ezekiel Cullen Building, and the University’s founding date, 1927. Rings are available in either yellow or white gold with options such as antique finishes and diamond settings.

Tradition dictates that current students wear the ring facing inward. Only alumni should wear the ring with the logo facing outward.

Since 2011, thanks to a partnership between the university and the Houston Zoo, all class rings spend the night at the zoo in the cougar enclosure before making their way to the ring ceremony.

Courtesy of University of Houston Alumni Association

University of Houston Traditions & Trivia

Cougar Red Friday

In an example of pride and unity, the university encourages students to faculty to wear red on Fridays. Anyone visiting campus on a Friday would be shocked by the amount of school pride displayed by the countless red shirts around campus. Cougar Red Friday is more than just a day to wear red, it's a reminder to the students to reflect upon & take pride in their accomplishments.

Frontier Fiesta

Every year, the students and student organizations put together a festival that is host to concerts, food, cookoffs, live shows and much more. Although the festival first had it's start in 1939, it wasn't until it was re-started in 1991 that it became the event that students look forward to all year. Frontier Fiesta celebrates everything that makes the University of Houston what it is today. The talent and leadership of the students, the opportunity to educate future leaders, and providing scholarship opportunities for deserving students are just a few ways that Fiesta gives back.

The Cougar Hand Sign

The well known hand sign of the University of Houston, the Cougar's Paw, dates back as far as 1953. During an away game, the mascots front paw got caught on the door of its cage, which accidentally severed Shasta's toe. Once opposing players and fans caught wind of the injury, they started holding up their hands with the ring finger bent to their palm, mocking the injured mascot. Little did they know this would backfire, and instead inspire a tradition of pride for years to come.

Men's University of Houston Class Ring

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Women's University of Houston Class Ring

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University of Houston Class Ring with RingWraps

University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps
University of Houston Ringwraps

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