The Original


.65 ctw

Our Original Style- For someone who wants to add a simple yet elegant touch to the ring. The diamonds are uniform in size.

The Mini Cascading


1.10 ctw

For someone who craves a subtle tapered accentuation of the ring. The Mini Cascading is a flattering style for all; no matter what the finger size.

The Cascading


1.28 ctw

Formerly our largest style. A flattering design with a heightened tapered effect, which elongates the fingers. Truly stunning with a luxurious & substantial look.

New! The Kensington


1.20 ctw

For someone who craves the uniformity of the Original, but wants even more sparkle (double the carat weight of the Original). Simple yet luxurious. bigger diamonds = bigger sparkle!

New! The Crown


2.50 ctw

For someone who has it all & desires our most opulent style. A true show stopper & even more gorgeous in person (your jaw will drop!) The tapered design elongates the fingers. Everyone wants to wear The Crown, but it takes a queen!