I LOVE my Ring Wraps!

"I LOVE my Ring Wraps! I cannot imagine my ring without them now. They add a delicate flair to my Aggie ring and people always compliment my wraps. I love how they sparkle and make my ring pop even more! Ring Wraps are a well-made quality piece of fine jewelry and I am beyond excited to own a wrap! Thank you to Ring Wraps for phenomenal customer service & a beautiful product!"
- Lauren Tannehill 10 , wife of Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill

A celebration of our 60 years together

For our 60th wedding anniversary, my husband planned on getting me Ring Wraps for my Aggie sweetheart ring (which is also my wedding ring). He thought Ring Wraps would be an absolutely perfect gift for me. He passed away two months before our 60th anniversary and never had the chance to get me a Ring Wrap, but I knew it was what he wanted so I went ahead & bought it for myself as a remembrance of my sweet husband & as a celebration of our time together. The owner of the company sent me my Ring Wrap within two days of ordering and sent me a beautiful fruit basket along with a lovely handwritten letter- a rare form of customer service. Now all of my friends want a Ring Wrap & I am just thrilled to have my own!
- Bobbye Hilliard 52 , Aggie Sweetheart Ring

An old Aggie tradition with a glamorous twist

I absolutely adore my Ring Wrap!! I love the idea of pairing an old Aggie tradition with a modern & glamorous, yet dainty twist. I get countless compliments on my Ring Wrap literally everywhere I go. It is just such a stunning & inventive way to accentuate one of my most special pieces of jewelry & I could not be happier with it. Emily & Scott are an amazing team; you will not find a higher quality product or better customer service anywhere else!! I would recommend buying a Ring Wrap to anyone; you don't want to go another day without it!
- Britt Mcgee , Wife of Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Stephen Mcgee

Completely stops Aggies in their tracks!

I have been out of town on business constantly since Parents' Weekend so my Ring Wrap has been traveling and has received Rave Reviews. It completely Stops Aggies in their tracks! Not to mention the stampede I experienced at the Hill County Aggie Muster. Barely made it out alive...or at least with all my fingers! Everywhere I go Aggies and others notice the Ring Wrap and are absolutely amazed at how it enhances my Aggie Ring. The Wrap makes my traditional Aggie Ring even more perfect.Thank you so much for using your wonderful creative energies to create a product that is so unique, beautiful and special.
- Kari Moore Roush 80

Focal point of the raffle

A 1978 Aggie ring needed a little bling-bling. The picture does not do it justice. It is a PERFECT fit and the diamonds are full of sparkle. I cannot wait to wear it to Aggie Muster this weekend in Sarita, Texas!
- Linda Vickers , 78

It truly enhances one of my most prized possessions

I am in love with my Ring Wraps as it truly enhances and meticulously frames one of my most prized possessions- my Aggie Ring. But perhaps the most special part of the company is that it was founded and pursued by a current student at Texas A&M University. A young, motivated and determined lady like Emily Huskinson makes it her mission to personally interact with every customer and anyone who is interested. Her love and passion of the company shines through her impeccable customer service skills.
- Randa Yezak , Owner of Southern Jewlz Boutique

Utmost professionalism

Thank you for coming up with and sharing such a cool idea. When I saw RingWraps' booth at Coaches Night I knew right away that my wife would love to have a Ring Wrap. From our first conversation to the actual delivery, you have displayed nothing but the utmost professionalism. We could not have been more pleased with what we got. The Ring Wrap is even prettier in person. It is fabulous and you are going to be a huge success. We cannot wait to tell all of our Aggie friends and family about Ring Wraps. Thanks again and Gig'em!
- Liz and Bryson Smith 03

I Love My SMU Ring Wraps!

I so absolutely love my Ring Wraps! I get so many complements on it! One of my friends actually wants to get an SMU ring now, so she can get a ring wrap after seeing mine! I couldn't be happier with the way it turned out. I even wrote a blog about it!
- Jessica Kelley

Absolutely gorgeous!

Looking at the pictures of the Ring Wrap, they are absolutely gorgeous. As a new product on the market, you might have concerns that the product could possibly have flaws, but there ISN'T. I received mine so quickly, without one thing to complain about. It is absolutely perfect and it is the perfect addition to my Aggie Ring. It fits perfectly and adds the perfect sparkle. Not only is the ring wrap itself amazing, but the customer service I received was exceptional. The president herself responded to my emails promptly and was extremely helpful during the process. I think everyone needs to order a ring wrap to make it the most recent Aggie Tradition!!! :)
- Tabitha Hiller 12

Great investment!

When I heard the idea of blinging up my ring I was all over it!! I AM CRAZY ABOUT MY RING WRAPS... everywhere I go someone notices them and loves the idea. ALL of my Aggie friends want them and I have even had Aggie alums that I deal with professionally inquire about how to order them. I have to admit, I was skeptical about the inner two-bar guard before I received mine and wasn't sure if I would like it. Now, I can't imagine having to put them on separately... it saves so much time and the fit is absolutely perfect!!! These wraps are a great investment, they guarantee LOADS of compliments, and they will last me forever. They are stunning and SCREAM quality - Thank you Ring Wraps!!!!!
- Megan Ann Buchanan 09

An end result that can not be duplicated by others!

I love my new Ring Wrap! The quality of the diamonds and wrap is amazing, and I catch myself staring at it way too often! I have received so many compliments from friends and strangers alike. The ordering process was easy and College Ring Wraps kept me informed and up to date on the status of my ring. They seemed to be just as excited to present me with my RW as I was to receive it. You can really tell the College Ring Wrap crew pays close attention to detail into every aspect of their product, producing an end result that can not be duplicated by others! I love Ring Wraps!
- Katie Klabunde 10

Solved my dilemma!

I love my Ring Wrap! It's beautiful with my Aggie ring and solved my dilemma of wanting to wear some “bling” on my right hand without having to take off my Aggie ring. Believe me, I come from an “Old Ag” family and would never want to deface or take away from this piece of jewelry that Aggies revere and hold so dear. I think it enhances the ring and just makes it that much more special! I've only had it for 5 days and I've had so many compliments. Not one female current or former student has seen it that didn't ooooo and ahhhh over it. I think it's a hit! Thank you Emily and Ring Wraps for a great idea and product!
- Robin R. Hicks 86

Fits my Aggie Ring like a glove

I am in complete admiration of my Ring Wrap (not to mention all of the compliments I have already received)! The wrap fits my Aggie Ring like a glove. It feels like one ring! I am extremely appreciative of Emily's customer service, she answered any and every question I had promptly and she genuinely cared about my interest in a Ring Wrap. Trust me on this one, the pictures DO NOT do justice. I encourage anyone interested to make the effort to try one on... you will not regret it! All in all, a Ring Wrap is the absolute perfect addition to your College Ring and is a fine, fine product!
- Madelyne Mann 12

Best graduation present I could ever imagine!

My Ring Wraps were the best college graduation present I could ever imagine. They are the most wonderful addition to my Aggie Ring. Ring Wraps has spectacular customer service and I could not be more thrilled with this gift! They are worth every dime and I will cherish them forever. Anytime I look down at my hand I can't help but smile! Thank you for a BEAUTIFUL product!!!
- Kayla Hahn

Cannot imagine my ring without it

My dad was searching for the perfect birthday present for me when I came across Ring Wraps (on Pinterest). I showed him a picture and it was love at first sight. He and I both knew I NEEDED this bling on my Aggie ring. I had seen something similar in the past but never wraps on both sides of the ring and never as pretty as the Ring Wraps. It came in a few days early and my dad just couldn't wait to give it to me. I have received so many compliments already and now I can't imagine my ring without it. It just adds a special something to my Aggie ring. I just wanted to say thank you for being so sweet to my dad and helping with my birthday present.
- Ashley Klander